"Simply put, PumpOut USA builds the most functional, sturdy, technologically-advanced, and affordable comfort stations in the industry"

“The PumpOut USA Advantage” - Learn why you should choose a PumpOut USA solution

Our floating comfort stations incorporate the following state-of-the-art features:

Comfort, safety, and protection

A superstructure constructed of marine-grade anodized aluminum to provide the industry’s most-stable platform for user comfort and safety, and to protect the sewage holding tank.

Buoyancy and stability

Unsinkable marine-grade encapsulated floats to provide maximum buoyancy and stability. Our floating comfort stations are so sturdy that not even a massive tornado - which destroyed nearby docks and boats - could damage PumpOut USA’s floating comfort station.

Functional and sturdy

Locking solid fiberglass power closure doors, integrated port lights for daytime lighting, ADA-compliant hand rails, and non-rot composite decking.

Green energy power and monitoring technology

A patent-pending holistic solar power collection system which empowers features such as a satellite or cellular-based monitoring technology which alerts the owner when the sewage holding tank requires servicing.

Geofence technology

A “geofence” technology which automatically alerts the owner should the facility move outside an assigned area.

Energy storage system

A solar power collection and battery storage system for anchor lights and daytime/nighttime operation.

Vandalism deterrent system

All electrical and plumbing infrastructure is enclosed within the station walls to deter vandalism.

Anti-odor technology

Odor is a major problem with all floating comfort stations. PumpOut USA’s patent-pending odor-elimination system is a technological breakthrough which virtually eliminates this problem.

Water conservation

A zero-flush-type toilet which saves water.

Sold in "Kits"

Our “T-Model” pumpout boats come with “push knees” which are custom-designed for precise maneuverability of a PumpOut USA floating comfort station. Thus, these units are perfectly paired and can be sold as kits.

Our units can be custom-tailored to meet your exacting requirements including dock-side connections for potable water and 110-volt electrical service and solar units for use without shore power.

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