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Dedicated to Producing the Most Reliable, Safest, and Affordable Marine Service Vessels and Stations.




Founded in 1995 by Captain Donnie Brown, PumpOut USATM was a direct response to the growing concerns about the environmental and ecological impacts of intercoastal vessel sewage dumping.

At PumpOut USA, we are committed to being the Marine Service Boat industry leader.  Our models include specially designed and manufactured boats for law enforcement, homeland security, fire rescue, mobile marine sewage pump-out and our dockside pump-out stations.

PumpOut USA strives to provide our customers the most affordable highest quality resources required for today's marine service industry.

Since 1995, our company has been dedicated to producing the most reliable, safest, and affordable marine service vessels and stations, while continuing to proudly set new standards for quality and reliability in the industry.

Mission Statement

PumpOut USA delivers exceptional and responsible marine waste disposal solutions that protect, preserve, and improve marine environments. We are, and will continue to be dedicated to making distinguishable differences in the marine waste industry. Our oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams are too fragile to accept anything less.



Can a 1,270-foot pneumatic air curtain be instrumental in preventing oil from spreading into harbors and bays? Destin's Donnie Brown and Craig Barker, who developed the curtain, certainly think so.

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Pollution levels continue to grow as more and more boats use our waterways.  Many marinas and states now require vessels to have holding tanks for their sewage. Our pump-out boats provide the solution for the disposal of this on- board  sewage. Also, we are able to help our clients research not only the correct vessel size, but the available state grants of up to 75% of the cost of these pump-out vessels.

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"As you may or may not know, we have two (2) of the model 26-T1000 PumpOut USA Vessels. One of the two vessels, which was hull #1 for Pumpout USA, we purchased in 2003.  It has served us extremely well for just short of seven years."  MORE

"... I consider the PumpOut USA vessel to be the most user friendly and comfortable vessel we have ever had at this facility."  MORE

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